Let Us Introduce Ourselves

     J&L Enterprise is a progressive and flourishing company, with considerable experience in the design and manufacturing industry.

     We are a small, family run company, who believes in providing top quality products and customer service to every one of our customers, and potential customers.


     Our services cover a wide spectrum of customization and personalization, by use of CNC routing, 3D printing, laser engraving, and more.

     With the varying expertise that our team has, we are able to utilize most materials, including but not limited to, metals, plastics, woods, carbon fiber, and more. This gives our company the ability to take our customers idea(s), and develop them into what they want, exactly the way they want it.


    J&L is small enough to treat customers as individuals, but still has the mechanical and technological expertise of a large company.


   The genuine respect, for who we work with, has earned us the loyalty of our customers in the design and additive manufacturing market.


    All of us here look forward to working with you, and helping you to bring, what you have envisioned, to a reality.