Automotive Parts

By using reverse engineering, we have been successfully recreating the automotive parts our customers need.  

We start with the final product and work through the design process, in the opposite direction, to arrive at the product design specification we are trying to achieve.

This process has 3 stages

  • Implementation recovery:  If you have the part, that needs replicated, then it can be sent to our office.  Parts do not need to be intact.  Broken parts are fine, as long as you have most of the pieces.  If you do not have the part, then we reach out, where we can, to either find the part, or we take another route and get the information we need, by means of photos, dimensions, etc, of the place the part goes.

  • Design recovery:  This is where we get the design specifications for your part.  The main objective here is to is to identify the underlying features, structure, etc. 

  • Analysis recovery:  After the part has been redesigned, our engineers analyze the design, make any adjustments that need to be made, and may alter the places that show to be weak points.  This creates a stronger part than you had before. 

If you do have a part you are thinking about having recreated, do hesitate to contact us to see if it is something we can do.