Design & Fabrication


With close to 20 years of Design and Fabrication experience, we take a concept that you have sketched, or something that is still in your head, and bring it to life.  To do this, we can use anything from basic 2D CAD programs to more robust 3D programs such as Solidworks. This allows us to walk you through the design process, all the while, making sure the design meets all of your expectations and requirements.  Our goal is not just to make a model or some drawings of what you are thinking about, but to help you prepare your creation for the Prototype and production phases.


Once you are satisfied that what you see meets your design requirements, we can help you get your parts prototyped if desired.  This could range anywhere from an aluminum part to a 3D printed part, out of several materials and colors. One other avenue we could help with your prototype, is to make a mold that can be used if carbon fiber is more of what you are looking for.  Not only can we make the mold, but we can handle any of the secondary operations such as drilling holes, machining features, and others.


Now that you have a working prototype, or if you decide to go straight to the fabrication stage of development, no worries, we are there to help.  Currently we have the ability to machine a few materials in limited to full production runs depending on size. As we grow, we certainly can become a partner with you for all of your production needs, but until then, we can help you work with machining/fabrication facilities to get what you need.